Doctor Profile

Doctor Profile

Dr. Sayed Azar Imam

Department of Anesthesia

  • Experience: 11 yrs experience
  • Gender: Male

Dr. Syed Azhar Imam is Jr. Specialist Anaesthesia with over 11yrs of experience. He has completed his medical graduation from the prestigious Deccan College of Medical Sciences, one of the best Medical colleges in Hyderabad, India which are affiliated to Dr.N.T.R. University of Medical Sciences (A.P) India.

He had completed his Post Graduation in Anaesthesia from the Deccan College of Medical Sciences Hyderabad, India. Thereafter he joined Cardio-Thoracic Anaesthesia Department in Kamineni Wockhardt Hospital, Hyderabad, India where he was appointed as Jr. Resident for one year. In the year 2010, he moved to Sultanate of Oman and joined Ministry of Health (Sultan Qaboos Hospital) as Jr. Specialist Anaesthesia where he served till April 2012.  

Thereafter in 2012 April, he joined the Anaesthesia team in Apollo Hospital Muscat, where he was responsible for administering Anaesthesia & Analgesia for routine & emergency surgeries in various specialties including Orthopedic, Trauma General Surgery,  Bariatric Surgeries, ENT, Maxillofacial & Dental surgeries,  Pediatric surgeries, Urology, and Obs & Gynaecology.  

Dr. Imam also has expertise in deftly handling critical areas such as providing labor analgesia in Obstetrics unit or managing patients in intensive care unit and ventilator management of critically ill patients apart from being a part of the code blue team in Casualty.

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