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Service Excellence

Apollo Hospitals adheres to the robust infection control program because we recognize that the control and prevention of infection in our patients.

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International Patient Services

We understand that seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience.

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Wellness Clinic

To know what real wellness is, you have to first define what health really is. Most people would say they’re healthy when they have no pain, no headache.

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Centres Of Excellence


Apollo Hospitals has dedicated Centres of Excellence for several key specialties and super specialties.

The cardiology department is special dealing with disorders of the heart. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of:
– Congenital heart defects
– Coronary artery disease
– Heart failure
– Hypertension
– Arrhythmias
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This department deals with problems of ear, nose and throat. At Apollo the ENT specialists diagnose and treat ear related problems ranging from the commonest to the most complex. Common ear related problems include hearing loss, ear discharge, earache, balance disorders and tinnitus. Problems associated with the nose are nasal blockages, deformity, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and tumors of the nose and sinuses. Common problems associated with the throat are sore throat including tonsillitis, snoring, hoarse voice, swallowing disorders and tumors.
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General surgeons at Apollo provide a full range of consulting, diagnostic and surgical care treatment, including expertise in the minimally invasive treatment techniques. Using minimally invasive surgical techniques goes a long way in preventing the risk of hemorrhage and considerably reduces pain, ensuring a short and health recovery time. Common ailments like gall bladder stone, hernia, hemorrhoids and appendicitis are very efficiently managed with laparoscopic techniques

At Apollo, orthopedics is a specialty focus area. We provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic, surgical treatment and post-operative rehabilitation.

We focused on improving the health of women. We offer primary and subspecialty care for women taking a multidisciplinary approach to address all facets of wellness throughout a woman’s life. Issues related to female health and the reproductive system are handled with utmost care and understanding at Apollo. Our team of highly qualified and experienced gynecologists focuses on comprehensive and specialized care for women’s health.

accordion-babyWe understand that you seek the best guidance for your child’s health and at Apollo we believe that a child’s formative years determine lifelong wellbeing. We are fully equipped to handle present day challenges faced by parents in finding the right healthcare and we strive to bridge the gap in addressing growth related problems as well as routine need like vaccinations and general examinations.

The Internal Medicine department renders services pertaining to all branches of internal medicine namely respiratory diseases, hypertension, metabolic and lifestyle diseases, endocrinology (including thyroid diseases), infections, rheumatology and neurology. Our team is well trained in handling all types of OPD and In-patient critical care management cases with a fully equipped 3 bedded ICU backed up with 24X7 laboratory, pharmacy and A&E department.

The Dental Department at Apollo Hospitals houses advanced dental equipment the medical world has to offer. This coupled with the expertise of our dentists marked Apollo Hospitals the obvious choice of discerning individuals who understand the importance of good dental and oral health.

The Department of General internal Medicine at Apollo Medical Centre offers comprehensive diagnostic services and general medical care to adult patients.
Disease diagnosis, management and prevention are the main priorities of this Department. It works closely with other specialized medical departments to ensure that all patient needs are identified and met.

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