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Apollo Kids club

Apollo Kids club
Apollo Kids club

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In its tenth year, Apollo Muscat celebrates birth of 1,200 babies at the expert hands of the hospital’s gynecologists, prenatal and neonatal paediatrics with the other health service providers.

Apollo celebrated the occasion with the Apollo babies (born in Apollo) under the auspices of Dr Taufiq al Lawati, senior consultant and head of paediatrics gastroenterology at The Royal Hospital, Muscat by launching the Apollo’s Kids Health Club.

“The very first few minutes of birth are considered as golden moments for every newborn and our paediatric team experts, excellent services and commitment to the best possible care starts from birth, through each development and milestone of childhood to teen years till smooth transition to adult life,” said Dr Rajdurga of the Apollo Department of Child and Neonatology Care.

Adding that each stage of childhood to adolescence and teen years are important landmarks in a person’s life V T Saileswaran, managing director of Apollo Muscat said, “We want to be there with the parents in ensuring that they have a partner in us in raising healthy children.  And that is the goal of Apollo Kids Health Club. It is also extremely important to keep tab on childhood obesity in addition to other health factors such as eye sight and nutrition.”

Dr Annamma Alex, paediatrician, said the care should begin right from the start such as not exposing them to sugary eatables, especially refined sugar.

“Anything you make at home is best for your child’s health as long as it is nutritious. When you wean them is when you start with real food, mash it with your own hand and not with a grinder so the child can feel the texture and taste. This is the way they learn to eat. It should be a pleasant experience for them.”

After declaring the Kids Health Club open Dr Lawati spoke to the parents, health officials and children gathered stressing that a healthy mother and child forms the very foundation of the family and when this foundation is strong the rest automatically falls in place.

He congratulated Apollo Hospitals Muscat for having this as the centre to their growth plans in Oman.

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