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Call to train Omani youths in healthcare sector

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  • Call to train Omani youths in healthcare sector
Call to train Omani youths in healthcare sector
Call to train Omani youths in healthcare sector

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Muscat: Private sector health-care providers need to collaborate with colleges and training insti-tutes, with an active support from the ministries of health and man-power, to train young Omanis to work in the healthcare sector.

The private healthcare sector is in dire need of skilled manpower, which will help achieve the Om-anisation target as well.

“Like any other industry or per-haps, more importantly, skill and training form the very backbone of the healthcare sector. The need of the hour is that private hospi-tals understand, accept and focus on skill building by imparting adequate training and encourage the Omani youth to seek a respon-sible position in the healthcare sector to bridge the gap,” said V. T. Saileswaran, managing director of Apollo Hospital Muscat.

Saileswaran said that Oman is focusing on upgrading its facili-ties and diagnostic capabilities, which are not confined to Mus-cat alone, but spread in Salalah, Khasab and Duqm. This is in line with the government’s plans to build 30 hospitals in and around the country. Therefore, in the cur-rent scenario, to cater to this large segment, adequate manpower is vital, which can happen only if private healthcare providers em-power them and create awareness on the ample opportunities in the sector. This is not only a reward-ing career path for the youth but also beneficial for the hospitals to strike a balance between demand and supply in the industry, noted Saileswaran.

The abundant human resource available in Oman needs to be rec-ognised and adequately nurtured. In fact, Oman is a powerhouse of talent and knowledge, which need to be acknowledged and ad-dressed with adequate training and development.

Youth with talent to be iden-tified and they should be given training, which will help them to absorb in the industry.

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