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Hosts CME on management of Urogynecological Disorders

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  • Hosts CME on management of Urogynecological Disorders
Hosts CME on management of Urogynecological Disorders
Hosts CME on management of Urogynecological Disorders

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Apollo Hospital Muscat hosts CME on recent advancement in the management of Urogynecological Disorders

Apollo Hospital Muscat organized a CME on “Recent Advancement in the Management of Urogynecological Disorders” on Friday, 26th October at City Seasons Hotel in the presence of eminent guests including Senior Consultants and Physicians from Muscat and India.

The Key Speaker, Dr. Alpa Khakhar, Senior Consultant Urogynaecologist from Apollo Hospital Chennai, India, stressed on the advanced care and innovative techniques for the effective diagnosis and treatment of urogynaecological disorders including urinary or faecal incontinence which is one of the most common health challenges amongst adult women across the globe.

Urogynaecology disorder, in simple terms is related to the Pelvic floor dysfunction bulging or falling of the vagina, bladder and/or the uterus or displacement from its normal position often causing pain and discomfort which can drastically reduce the quality of life.

Dr. Khakhar emphasized on several contributing factors that are responsible for such disorders including injury to the pelvic region, complications during Pregnancy or child birth and age related issues as the muscles in the pelvis region begin to weaken with age, they aren’t able to provide the necessary support. Additionally, obesity is also found to aggravate the conditions, as the muscles in the pelvic area find it difficult to support the additional weight. However, the good news is that such criticalities can be well managed with the help of the most advanced treatment facilities like Botox, 3D Ultrasound, Cystoscopy, Laser therapies and Pelvis reconstructive surgery depending upon the condition.

The CME was directed in a move towards creating awareness amongst the citizens and the medical fraternity. Apollo Hospital, being one of the most trusted healthcare groups across Asia, is dedicated towards addressing the most complex health challenges with state of the art advanced facilities, expertise and comprehensive treatment procedure with a holistic approach.

Not only the session was highly informative, interactive and participative by all concerned members but it also helped to create awareness and develop a much deeper understanding of the common symptoms, causes, diagnosis, advanced treatment facilities and benefits in managing urogynecological disorders.

With a over a decade of continued affordable quality healthcare services within the Sultanate, Apollo Hospitals Muscat has emerged as one of the most trusted brands in providing holistic care across multiple specialities including Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Paediatric, Cardiology, Urology, General Surgery, ENT, Internal Medicine, Dental, Diabetology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology and Dermatology.  And now to address the rising trend of urogynecological disorders in the Sultante, Apollo Hospital has taken the initiative of venturing into this segment, which is a first for any Private Hospital in Muscat.

Mr. V.T. Saileswaran, Managing Director, Apollo Hospital Muscat quoted that “Women are the strength of the nation and it is the responsibility of any developing nation to provide the best of healthcare facilities especially for the women. Keeping that in mind, Apollo Hospital Muscat has launched the Apollo Well Women Clinic to address women’s health challenges in a holistic manner with advanced treatment by highly skilled Physicians and well equipped facilities of International Standards.”

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